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Our products have been developed from the young plant of the common wheat (WHEATGRASS) obtained through our unique organic way of growing and harvestingthrough research and innovation to provide you with all round products that PREVENT, CONTROL and aid in RECOVERY of DIABETES, CANCER, HEART DISEASES, ATHRITIS etc

The products are developed having in mind that while all human beings require total and quality nutrition, deficiencies that lead to ill health differ from one person to the other. BIOMAX wheatgrass nutritional supplements provides all vitamins, minerals, amino acid (proteins), dietary fibre, carbohydrates and other phytonutrients nutrientsthough the quantities vary depending whether juice or powder.


This fresh packed Springs Healthcare wheatgrass straight from our wheatgrass farm
fresh packed wheatgrass Springs Healthcare

BIOMAX Fresh wheatgrass is freshly harvested unprocessed wheatgrass for personalized juice extraction. Use the right juicing equipment (masticating but not centrifugal juicers). Upon juice extraction, you require to take only 50 mls at a time. It is packed in 100grams.


It keeps for a longer time than the ready to take juice while refrigerated. Its health benefits are similar to that of BIOMAX fresh wheatgrass health drink.


This is fresh Springs Healthcare Biomax wheatgrass juice extracted from the young wheatgrass plant.
fresh wheatgrass juice Springs Healthcare

BIOMAX Fresh wheatgrass Health Drink is a direct squeezed pure extract of freshly harvested wheat grass using special juicers. The juice is deep green in color. No preservatives or food color used. You require to take only 5OmIs at a time.It is packed in 450ml l00ml and 50ml. It’s a ready to take health drink but you can mix with other juices (except acidic ones) according to individual taste.


By providing all the important nutrients, the juice is highly effective for detox, immune boosting, quick relief and better management of diseases such as diabetes. Arthritis/gout, hypertension, stomach ulcers etc. Prevents cancer formation and spread and also reduces the severity of side effects due to cancer treatment.


This is Springs Healthcare wheatgrass powder extracted from the fresh young growing wheatgrass
wheatgrass powder 50gm
This is Springs Healthcare wheatgrass powder extracted from the fresh young growing wheatgrass
wheatgrass powder 25gm

Biomax wheatgrass powder is prepared by special dehydrating (drying) system and grinding to ensure the final product provides as much quality of the wheat grass juice as possible.

It is packed in 25 grams (Price : ksh 200)and 50 grams (Price : ksh 400).

Wheatgrass powder can be mixed with any drink for example tea or porridge or foods.


Foods rich in fibre are known to prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. It increases removal of food remnants from the stomach and intestines (Colon cleaning). It is also good in preventing constipation or indigestion. Minerals are important for good metabolism. It assists in losing excess weight gain.


Biomax wheatgrass powder capsules is capsulated wheatgrass powder. It components are similar to the powder.

It is packed as 63 (Price : ksh 400) capsules  and 126 capsules (Price : ksh 700).

It provides convenience and private use of the wheatgrass products. For example when in offices or travelling where you don’t need much fluids or you are sharing cups.


This is the normal maize flour that has been enriched by the addition of Springs Healthcare wheatgrass powder
wheatgrass enriched flour Springs Healthcare

Springs wheatgrass enriched flour is prepared from whole maize flour mixed with predetermined quantity of BIOMAX wheatgrass powder. It is rich in in all components found in the powder and carbohydrates from maize. Used in preparation of porridge or Ugali.

It is packed in 1 kg (Price : ksh 140)and 1/2 kg packets (Price : ksh 80).


A high energy giving food with added advantage of fibre, minerals and carbohydrates for good digestion, metabolism and energy. It is valuable in all health status and highly recommended for growing children, food relief in nutrition challenged communities and patients of diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc.


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