There is no other time in the history of mankind that a common foodstuff has been associated with numerous health benefits the way WHEAT has been in the 20th century both in developed and developing countries. The consumption of WHEATGRASS has tremendously grown, driven by numerous claims on its benefits to human health both nutritionally and therapeutically. BUT DOES THIS PLANT OF THE COMMON WHEAT HAVE ANY MEDICAL BENEFITS.

Our studies have confirmed the rich nutritional composition of the WHEATGRASS as has been grown in our facility.NUTRITIONALLY, WHEATGRASS is highly concentrated in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates.

MEDICALLY, the use of WHEATGRASS has been a relief to many people experiencing different sicknesses ranging from autoimmune diseases, fractures to noncommunicable diseases whether in treatment or not. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH conducted on WHEATGRASS has equally proved its value to human health.

Our study has identified WHEATGRASS to be equally rich in phytochemicals (Flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, etc.) alongside other micronutrients. The study findings published in the International Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences indicate the effectiveness of WHEATGRASS in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and do not have any harmful effect on human health (Njoroge et al., 2017. Invivo antidiabetic potential and safety of an aqueous extract of Triticum aestivum (wheatgrass).IJMPS. vol 7, issue 1, Feb 2017,77-84).

Other Scientific studies have determined wheatgrass to be highly effective in the treatment and control of:-

  • Diabetes:
  • Cancer
  • antimicrobial activity
  • Blood disorders
  • Neuro problems
  • Stomach ulcers
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