Many plants said to have health benefits to human beings are obtained from the wild or from plants (trees) that take many years to mature. How beneficial the plant is to human health depends on various factors such as maturity, part of the plant being used (leaves, bar or roots), environmental and climatic factors. Harvesting of medicinal plants growing in the wilderness or forest is not sustainable and contribute to environmental degradation. On the other hand, non-validated plant based health products can be dangerous to the user.

Wheatgrass is a product of the common wheat which has been a source of food for human beings since the history of man. Growing wheatgrass is easy. However, how beneficial the wheatgrass will be to the consumer depends on:-

  • The grains quality; naturally dried red-brown wheat grains with no preservatives should be used
  • The soil quality (virgin red soil is the best)and quantity (use a wooden or plastic tray with a depth of 3 inches.
  • The type of manure; range sheep and goat (fed in non-contaminated field) manure should be used
  • Temperature; wheatgrass should be grown in temperatures up to 23O
  • Maturity; seven days old wheatgrass is useful but the maturity or time to harvest is also indicated by the climate
  • Water quality and volume; are your plants well hydrated or given enough water
  • Protection from rodents and birds.

When the above factors are addressed, you can now grow your wheatgrass as follows:-

  • Prepare the soil and put in appropriate trays
  • Thoroughly wash the wheat grains and leave them soaked in water for 8 to 12 hours
  • Remove the wheat grains from the water and leave them to sprout in a warm environment for a day
  • Place the sprouted grains on the soil closely together and water them adequately (depending with the temperature) until they are two to three inches tall
  • Harvest your wheatgrass when appropriate but not more than 8 days after planting.

Our commercial production of wheatgrass is a self-innovation/self-developed system where several factors and processing equipment have been put in place to ensure standard all round production and processing of both the freshly extracted wheatgrass juice, the powders (in capsules or not capsulated) and wheatgrass enriched maize flour.