The right nutrition is the foundation of maintenance of good health and recovery from sickness. In the 20th century,the biggest risk to human health and development arises from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Of the 38 million deaths caused by NCDs in 2012, four major NCDs Heart (cardiovascular) diseases, Cancer, chronic respiratory disease andDiabetes caused the highest number of deaths in the order respectively. If no action is taken to address the NCDs risk, it is projected that death due to NCDs will hit 52 million by the year 2030. However, NCDs are preventable and avoidable! Preventing and controlling NCDs is almost a thousand times cheaper than loses occurring due to the diseases in developing countries. This means that if you are in Kenya, you would spend a shilling in prevention compared to 1000 Ksh that you would spend when you have the disease. What you eat determines when and how NCDs will affect you. Theglobalfactoramongthecontributors to the occurrence of the diseases is use of UNHEALTHY DIETS. Thus, the WHO(Global action plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases 2013-2020, Global status report on noncommunicable diseases 2014)recommends consumption of diets rich in fruits and green vegetables. But what is contained in the fruits and green vegetables that will prevent and control noncommunicable diseases?

Challenges to obtaining a healthy diet may arise from the following:-

  • Lack of Knowledge; general lack of knowledge on the role of nutrition in good health,
  • Socio economic status; you may have the knowledge but lack resources to obtain the required item or a busy schedule keeps you out of reach of right nutrition or
  • Lack of choice; you have the knowledge, resources and time but the required items are not available.

BIOMAXis the brand name of a wheat based nutritional supplement from wheatgrass developed through scientific research and development. BIOMAX wheatgrass nutritional supplementsprovides in a single product all that is required to maintain good health and control diseases. It also have more than you can find in normal fruits and vegetables. BIOMAX products are packed to provide convenience and options in use. Through experience and research, we have realized a natural product with numerous benefits to human health. The adage: “Let thy food be your medicine and your medicine be thy food” Hippocrates 431 BC. comes to reality when you use this product. Remember, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. You don’t have to be sick to use BIOMAX wheatgrass nutritional supplements and all people of all ages and health status can use BIOMAX wheatgrass nutritional supplements.


NJOROGE G. KIMANI, PHD (Med. Biochemistry) s CEO/ Director Research and Development SPRINGS HEALTHCARE (K) LTD Consultant Clinical Biochemist/Toxicologist