What is Wheatgrass ?

Wheatgrass is a young wheat plant grown in optimal environmental conditions and the right soil for the best results.

Wheat grass is the richest natural source of vitamins, amino acids, fiber minerals and the best representative of natural food supplements                                                                   

Why use Wheatgrass ?

Wheatgrass has been proven to help in the prevention, control and management of diseases.

The obvious question is how does wheatgrass achieve this ?

Wheatgrass as a Detox agent :-

The first thing is that wheatgrass detoxifies the body which is essential in protecting the body from harmful diseases. Due to our normal essential internal body processes such as metabolism and environmental factors such as air pollution, exposure to x-rays, cigarette smoking(active and passive), exposure to industrial chemicals and many other environmental factors our bodies produce chemical toxins known as Free Radicals.

If these dangerous elements within our bodies are not effectively eliminated, they are known to cause a myriad diseases such as Cancer, Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and many others. They do this by  damaging out body cells. There is no denying that in our everyday lives we experience the internal body processes and environmental processes that lead to the production of free radicals. So its important that we protect ourselves from their negative effects.

Our bodies have their own mechanism to deal with free radicals by using agents known as Antioxidants. Their basic job is to neutralize the free radicals into harmless molecules. The problem occurs when there is an imbalance between the antioxidants and the free radicals(free radicals are more in number than the antioxidants). This is when they begin to actively harm our bodies.

Where does wheatgrass come into play to try a fix this imbalance issue?

Wheatgrass is the richest source of natural antioxidants that are accepted by the body and give the body a boost by increasing the number of antioxidants hence solving this free radical-antioxidant imbalance issue. In this way free radicals are eliminated from our bodies.

Since prevention is better than cure and also way less expensive, there is no need in waiting for free radicals to run wild in our bodies. Since we are constantly exposed to free radical causing events (internal and external) in our daily lives we should seek to eliminate them(the free radicals) on a daily basis by using wheatgrass. True there are other sources of natural antioxidants such as berries, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, nuts and green tea they are somewhat deficient in some antioxidants. What makes wheatgrass special is that it packs all antioxidants that the other natural sources have to offer and adds many more hence there is no deficiency issue. Its one power-packed plant and yet very simple.

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Wheatgrass also helps in slowing down the aging process. Remember we said that free radicals damage our body cells. The more the number of damaged body cells the faster the aging process so by using wheatgrass – master eliminator of free radicals – we are effectively slowing down the aging process.

Wheatgrass contains more vitamins, minerals , amino acids and enzymes than most foods we consume which improve the health of our body cells and general body health.

Wheatgrass and Body Acidity:-

Wheatgrass is highly effective in reducing high acid levels in our bodies. High acidity is detrimental to our health and should be tackled before it causes real damage. High acidity in our bodies can be brought by a number of things such as asthma, chest injury, obesity, alcohol use, sedative misuse, problems with the nervous system, processed food, preservatives, pollution, stress, lack of exercise etc.

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Acidity causes things such as body fatigue, bad-breath, muscle pain, joint pain, skin problems, cramps, migraine etc.

To get rid of acidity in the body the body needs alkaline minerals(agents that neutralize the acids). Wheatgrass having the highest level of alkaline minerals than any other foods provides the body with  a huge boost when it comes to combating high acidity.

Here are some of the benefits of alkaline-acid balance in the body

  • Body utilizes nutrients better
  • Blood flows Smoother
  • Most important Cancer cells are less likely to form.

Wheatgrass also helps the body in increasing the number of red-blood cells which improves the circulation of oxygen in the body which helps reduce things like high acidity. Improved oxygen circulation ensures that our body organs function in an optimal and healthy state.

Wheatgrass can be used in conjunction with the doctor prescribed drugs so do not stop seeing your doctor even as you use wheatgrass. One sure thing is that wheatgrass will really help in managing the various diseases we encounter due to its many benefits.

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