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Springs Healthcare is a producer of wheatgrass in Kenya, Kiambu county, Kikuyu sub-county  that specializes in the growth and packaging of the various wheatgrass products namely wheatgrass juice, wheatgrass powder, and wheatgrass flour.

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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality wheatgrass products and also providing education on the benefits of using wheatgrass.

The Springs Healthcare team is lead by Dr. Njoroge Kimani who is a leading scientist who specializes in clinical biochemistry and toxicology. He has done extensive research on wheatgrass for more than 10 years and has even written a journal on wheatgrass in the International Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences  

Dr Njoroge has also been featured in the DAILY NATION(One of Kenya’s leading Newspapers) where there is an article about the research that He has done on Wheatgrass. Check out the article here : Wheatgrass Article link

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Dr Njoroge Kimani at his farm inspecting the Wheatgrass plants


Contact Information

Vist us at Kikuyu Town, Kiambu County, Njoki House – Opposite K-Unity Bank, 1st floor or call us on 0725404661. Write to us;
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Monday – Friday : 8am to 5 pm
Saturday : 9am to 4 pm
Sunday : day off
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