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THANK YOU for visiting our website. Our services and products will ensure that you enjoy a longer healthier life through PREVENTION, CONTROL AND RECOVERY from chronic illness otherwise referred to as lifestyle or non-communicable diseases such as DIABETES, CANCER, HEART DISEASES, ARTHRITIS and many more.

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NJOROGE G. KIMANI, MScMB Consultant Clinical biochemist/Toxicologist Innovation, Research and Product Development

We advocate for a broad approach to fighting disease through collaboration and provision of appropriate knowledge on:-

  • Good nutrition
  • Early and precise diagnosis
  • Effective treatment and management of disease

An issue generally ignored in fighting illness is the fact that poor health/disease is caused by low immunity and deficiencies of key components of maintaining health.

The quality of the food you eat is the basic foundation of good health through provision of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), fiber and

Total amino acids profile. Numerous natural products that are food or non-foods has additional antioxidants properties not in common food products that boost PROPER METABOLISM, IMMUNITY and the body capacity to remove FREE RADICALS which are the major cause of CHRONIC DISEASES.

Growing WHEAT in optimal environmental conditions and the right soil supports the development of a YOUNG PLANT (WHEATGRASS) that is the richest natural source of vitamins, amino acids, fiber, minerals and the best representative of natural products potential in PREVENTION, CONTROL and MANAGEMENT of diseases.

Consumption of the young wheat plant is a sure way towards maintenance of good health and recovery from illness.


Range of Wheat Grass Nutritional Supplements

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Our Biomax wheat grass range of products have tremendous health benefits. More people in Kenya and around the world are turning to wheat grass for its benefits in preventing, recovery and managing chronic diseases. Biomax range of wheat grass products have become a number one choice for many people because of the years we have dedicated in research to ensure wheat grass consumption is safe and enjoyable.

Biomax range of products are not only safe for human consumption but also enjoyable making them suitable for both children and adults. Biomax products are fun and healthy !!

Biomax range of wheat grass products have been featured in leading TV stations, Radios and print media across the country. Biomax products are available in major supermarkets, from our valued agents and of course you can make your order directly from our website.


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